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Yuri Gagarin Stadium

The project to restructure the Yuri Gagarin stadium is one of the main points in the investment policy of the Le Havre agglomeration (Seine-Maritime). It is strongly aligned with the desire of promoting physical activity and the practice of competitive sport, embodied by the Le Havre en Forme program launched in 2016.

The layout of the site is based on the desire to provide an optimized response to the requirements of the community. This basic idea looks for Yuri Gagarin stadium spatial cohesion and functional simplicity.

Sports practice, in all its forms, has been placed at the center of the project design. All planning, technical equipment, and common areas are designed for the well-being and development of athletes, visitors and walkers.

The new stadium, with its different spaces, will be based on a new infrastructure, a rectilinear boulevard which is rigorously oriented in an east-west direction. It will cross the entire area, giving direct and comfortable access to the site and the functions planned by the program.