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The Green Walls of Grande Épicerie

The green walls of Grande Épicerie, in the 7th distric of Paris, will permanently mark the landscape of the neighborhood. It is a strong element of architecture that can be perceived from the street, attracting the attention of passersby.

This cladding, with its many advantages, generates an atypical and natural effect to the building. The general form of plantations contrasts with the architectural rigor of the façade. The vegetal wall is inspired by the plants that used to be grown in the curia gardens. Each plant essence was selected based on its aesthetic and historical characteristics; therefore, a variety of plants were installed throughout the vertical garden.

Aromatic plants, used in cooking or herbalism, are combined with perennials and herbs, used in bouquets or fabrics, offering a strong identity and legitimacy to this green wall of the Grande Épicerie de Paris.