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The Champ Arthur

Located on Cergy’s suburbs, the city of Courdimanche (Val-d’Oise) benefits a peri-urban setting on the verge of the great landscape of Vexin Français. The town of Courdimanche is situated at the outskirts of Cergy, taking advantage of a peri-urban setting, close to the large landscape of the Vexin plateau.

The city clearly shows a division between its historical side; recognizable by its atypical architectural heritage installed on a promontory, and the Sainte-Apolline neighborhood; marked by an urbanism style of 70s-80s.

The Champ Arthur playground area represents one of the main common spaces of the neighborhood, thanks to the proximity of the Louvière Mall, of the schools and the newly-built Youth recreation center (Maison des Jeunes).

The design is marked by an attractive linear feature that represents a walking path, and a playground, emphasized by the ground markings. This design proposes an encircling path, which integrates diverse activities and micro-spaces such as: benches, open libraries, green areas, picnic areas, a fountain, a shed for the tricycles, etc. The playgrounds are integrated into the internal side of the path. Both areas are connected to each other by a “blackboard” on the ground, made in fine asphalt. This becomes a spot for graphic expression. The green areas go in hand with the design and offer a protected scenario with an indigenous plant palette.