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The boat

This project belongs to the Urban Development Zone of Creil (ZAC*).  The playground is discovered little by little. It is located along the quays of the Oise and it becomes an intergenerational meeting place near the port. The playground represents a boat from the outside, a wooden hull fuses with the construction of the quays.  It is replaced by a stainless-steel railing from which it emerges some vertical elements: sails for the shade houses, ropes to climb, and “lighting masts”.

Inside the boat, a solid blue color fills the site. The playground is experienced in its entirety (climbing ropes, trampolines, turnstile roundabout, overhangs and tuba phones), all these elements give the children the opportunity to blossom in a unique environment.

*ZAC: Zone d’aménagement concerté. It refers to the public urban planning operations whose purpose is to carry out the development and equipment of building land.