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Robert Thomas Basin

Transforming a technical and functional space into a landscaped scenario was the main goal of this project in Saint-Prix (Val-d’Oise- France).
The site, initially planned to store rainwater, belongs to a complex network of basins on the Enghien-les-Bains territory. Because of the resizing of the basin, to increase its capacity, the client decided to convert the basin into a public place.Marked by a walkway, the passage takes the form of a mound that demarcates the interior promenade.

This project improves the landscape’s quality of the place, allowing both to underline the hydraulic context of the place, and to connect the new basin to the old one. A set of low fences possibilities the delimitation of the grazing areas. Another objective of the design was to visually expand this place from the public spaces. Therefore, a fence obstructing the view has created an open space leading to wooden platform. From this platform, the passerby discovers a blooming space, a mound and a walkway are found. The plant species typical of this type of environment, arranged to respond to alternating periods of drought and flooding, create a natural image.