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Porte de Diana Park

The Porte de Diane Park is part of the Petit Quevilly Village ZAC*, located in the north of the town hall. It takes an adequate position within the global composition plan since it is excluded from all road circulation. Indeed, the park is in the middle of the future built blocks of the ZAC while proposing new shared circulations within the communal urban fabric. This park will make possible to get to the elementary school, the stadium, the church, the shops and the town hall on foot or by bicycle. This was previously impossible due to the industrial past of these parcels. This new function is accompanied by a strong landscaping attention based on a hydraulic management of the rainwater of all the future blocks bordering the park. Small local facilities such as a playground for the youngest children, a playground for teenagers and a half sports field complete the overall composition.

*ZAC: Zone d’aménagement concerté. It refers to the public urban planning operations whose purpose is to carry out the development and equipment of building land.