Retour à l’accueil


This project aims to renovate the Piazza Castello in Milan (Italy). Between the landscape atmosphere of the Parco Sempione and the strong urban character of this historical city, the Castello square has now become a contemporary place of reconciliation, synthesis and meetings.

The public area of the square, which was strongly heterogeneous and fragmented, is simplified around a central, mineral and shared carpet, the shared space. This space integrates the Beltrami and Largo Cairoli roads to form a single surface, created primarily for pedestrians and cyclists, coexisting with public and local transport.

Actions of reorganization and urban stitching were put into operation along this catalytic angle. The old influence of Via Castello is returned to living places and it has been taken as the extension of the park’s green environment.

Now, locals and visitors have a renewed urban center, a privileged place for leisure activities, relaxation, and cultural and artistic events.