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Les Roches Residence

The site of the residence Les Roches in Montreuil had a dysfunctional pedestrian circulation. The existing pedestrian paths were rarely used in favor of wild paths. The site provides a variety of accesses from the outside which are not connected to the public equipment. The project redesigns the internal circulation, with paths in concrete slabs.
The project proposes to recreate limits that would allow the inhabitants to appropriate the space. The entire residence will be enclosed by a low wall fence in order to clarify the functions of the space.

The residence had a saturated and deteriorated parking, which was not planted with vegetation, and there were a lot of illegal parking lots. In addition, numerous fire lanes have been adapted to today’s regulations since they were redeveloped. The project reorganizes the parking by integrating a vegetal grid. Each parking spot will have its own rainwater management system to improve the global rainwater infiltration. Additional parking spots will be created to meet the expectations of residents. The asphalt surfaces will be better managed and reduced for certain spaces.

The project accentuates the green spirit of the residence through the redevelopment of all the spaces and the greening of the parking lots. The project removes a single tree and plants more than fifty others.