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Foyer des Quatre Soleils

Rehabilitation of building 1 and 2 of Foyer des Quatre Soleils.

The square created must interact without competing with the treatment of the façade. The wooden floor raises the level of the circulation and creates exuberant vegetal islands. The height of the ground of at least 50 cm is sufficient.

This substrate is composed of lightweight soils to avoid any load risks. The parapet needs is raised to meet the legislation for guardrails in terms of height. The wooden decking is not slippery. The waterproofing is not affected, the wood is placed to allow water to circulate.

Circulations will not have a slope greater than 5%; therefore, it remains accessible to all. The plantations will be local species that do not require automatic watering. Grasses and ground cover plants will be used for the graphic and architectural design.