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Citée Jardin de la Basilique

Located on the eastern plateau of Rouen, Normandy (France), the ZAC* of La Basilique has an exceptional atmosphere. The site opens into a large park of one hectare in connection to 370 future housing units. The park opens towards the south of the site in a wide path accompanied by rainwater infiltration basins. From east to west, three large alleys are based on the historic plot of land typically characterized by the presence of century-old trees.

These alleyways follow the hydraulic system of the entire neighborhood from rue Lebourgeois in the east to the edge of the wooded hillsides of the Seine Valley.

The composition of a 30.00 m wide border completes the landscape device at the western limit of the site. It proposes a walking space turned towards nature with high environmental quality by relying on the existing biodiversity of the wooded hillsides.

*ZAC: Zone d’aménagement concerté. It refers to the public urban planning operations whose purpose is to carry out the development and equipment of building land.