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Seasonal color variations are generally a characteristic of rural landscapes and natural landscapes. The park will have a lot to say from a chromatic point of view.

•The flowering of cherry trees of the productive forest
•The vitality of violet flowers of the soil
•The redness of autumn vine leaves
•The color variations of the Mediterranean landscape

The park will have several remedial interventions, which will be carried out chronologically. The first excavations will shape the land while defining the zones of intervention.

The installation of the drainage and irrigation system will activate the microbial diversity of the soil. This technique is called «effective microorganisms»; it will structure and enrich the substrate. Concerning the landscape finishes, a layer of topsoil will be put in place. The planting trees will structure the spaces, wine species, and fruit trees of the «productive forest.» Herbaceous plants and shrubs will finalize the landscape.

Once the preparatory work has been completed for natural and productive areas, a mixture of Fabaceae with a dominance of ‘Hedysarum Coronarium’ will be sown.

This native species, with its purple flowers, fix nitrogen thanks to the symbiosis between bacteria and the root system. This will significantly improve the quality of the soil in the first years.