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Andrézieux Residence

The project is located near the SNCF tracks of the Gare du Nord (Paris), overlooking the train station by a few meters. It is an essentially railway landscape. The outdoors spaces, at the bottom of the building are mostly located on the slab of the existing parking lot. The project gets inspiration from this railway landscape, reinterpreting the linearity of the railway tracks.

This project articulates two distinct spaces, allowing the site to be redefined as an urban space that offers a variety of uses and functions: the forecourt and the street. These two spaces are spatially split by the ramp of the underground parking lot. As requested in the program, it will address the key aspects of biodiversity and sustainability through a quality sustainable development. The project does not create a 5.00 m road pavement, as initially established. Instead, it creates a 3.50m road pavement, and a 1.50m pedestrian path which may be used as a road if needed.

On the railroad side, a mineral strip emerges from the street and runs throughout the project. This space has been constrained by the implementation of an accessibility to emergency vehicles. The project resolves the constraints of accessibility to propose an inaccessible space for private vehicles. The site adopts now the legistation for this living space. The mineral strip also allows kids to take over this space, when there are not emergency vehicles.