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Anatole France School Group

Anatole France School Group is located in an urban environment with a predominantly suburban character. It is located along the rue de Bourgogne and it has the characteristic of being made up of two buildings with distinct architecture, one dating from the 1960s, which corresponds to the elementary school, and the other from the 1980s, which corresponds to the nursery school.

The school restaurant program is divided into three main areas:

– Reception – Preparation ;

– Nursery school catering;

– Elementary school catering.

Our role is to install the “setting” between these two spaces, these two school groups. The project asserts itself as a converging point where the children can settle down, in a calm time, a peaceful space, to enjoy the meals.

It was also planned to create a sports court. This sports area was made up of a 12×24 meter playground and a storage area for sports equipment that could be divided into 4 parts. The principle of the project was based on the development of a square on the rue de Bourgogne, which allows the equipment to be highlighted. The square is seen as an extension of the public space, an opening into the street.