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Pedrestrian path : Berlin Spandau

On the occasion of the 54th anniversary of the twinning of the cities of Asnières-sur-Seine (France) and Berlin Spandau (Germany), the city of Asnières decided to create a pedestrian mail leading to a future kindergarten. A mail is a large pedestrian path lined with trees and plantations in an urban environment.

This pathway is innovative in terms of landscape design because it is inspired in the German principles, including the maintenance, the materials and the living spaces.

This site is not only a pedestrian path between the city and its kindergarten, but also a place for parents to take a break and relax while waiting for their children. It is also a square for local residents and playing space for children.

Along this path, benches, engraved and with short sentences written by the children, are arranged perpendicularly to the axis and create spaces to catch up and discuss. The lawn merges with the paving, surrounds the benches and stretches beyond. In the background, natural vegetation creates a visual filter with the adjacent nearby houses.

Being naturally oriented towards sustainable development and ecological concerns, German landscape design is a source of inspiration. The Berlin Spandau in Asnières-sur-Seine is an example of this, and responds to the biggest preoccupation of becoming environmentally responsible.