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the Site Saint- Louis

In Saintes (Charente-Maritime), the design for the Site Saint- Louis is based on three main principles:

– to guarantee the City of Saintes a safe project, with moderate density and reliable outcomes;

– to improve the attractiveness of the site, by opening it to the whole population;

– to enhance the existing historical heritage, a real tourist core of the city.

The unified design is the result of a design thinking’ process carried out with the city and its inhabitants. The project is put into context: it corresponds to the existing urban fabric, it keeps the topography and history of the site, enhancing the natural surroundings and the built landscape. Its main challenge is to make visible the place and adapt it to several applications: sports, tourism, walks, and historical heritage.

The public space is a fundamental point for redesigning The Site Saint-Louis; that is why, the ground’s design becomes a guiding thread for discovering and enhancing the existing heritage and the new constructions.